Wednesday, November 17, 2004

broken stuff

there's an illustration i like to use with people when i'm talking about man's inerently sinful nature. this seems to be where so many people get hung up with the bible. they think that to call them sinful is to somehow pass judgement upon them. it really isn't. it's merely a statement of the fact that we've all blown it...none of us are perfect. we've all fallen short in one area of life or another.

anyway, my illustration is this: imagine that on the day you were born, the doctor implanted a specially devised, digital recording device that has been archiving your every thought, word and deed...everything, even when no one else was watching. now, the device is going to be removed and the recording is going to be played before a room full of your family and closest friends. would you be okay with that?

i know i wouldn't. in fact, if that were to happen, i would likely want to find the nearest tree from which to hang myself.

so, we can agree that we all have this problem of having fallen short. what do we do about it?

the reality is that we can't do anything about it. that's the beauty of the Gospel. we can't fix it. but, God, in his grace and love and mercy, sent Jesus to take care of our problem. all we have to do is be honest about ourselves and trust that Jesus' death at the cross was the payment needed to make up for our offenses.

we're broken stuff that God puts back together. cool, huh?