Tuesday, March 29, 2005

blessed for the journey

on another blog i had mentioned people who had significant impact on my life...people who, in one way or another, have been a part of my becoming who i am today. some are friends, some are family, some have had great conflict with me, some have encouraged me, some have laughed and cried with me, but all of them have been brought into my life by God to teach and challenge me. i thank God for them and they are worth mentioning again here.

they are: ray and hope lopez, richard and brenda stabell, kirk and lisa winkles & family, jesse samudio, richard martens, eve marie diaz, dora samudio, arlie and noemi francis, bill and molly norris, george billingslea, stacy and jill tyson, david and lee ann hamm, keith hileman, christy hendrix lafferty, carl anderson, darrell bock, elisa bock, mike tomas, billy fryar, sandra miser, joe riegel, michael lambert, michael and judy lehnhardt, rick and holly lyle, renee ryals, shawn and kelly rhoads, john hannah, eugene bengtson, reinhold buxbaum, harry and dawn havery & family, wayne and linda henderson, garret henderson, dawn henderson, martin and kim cardoza, kristine cardoza, erin mcintyre, russell and ginger mcintyre, joanne and rob dilella, katie dilella, susan dilella, sarah dilella, paul and helen shoemaker, mike and joyce knott, hunter holton, dixie holton, donald holton, david saathoff, jim degraw, brent saathoff, staci loalbo, meredith theilen, mandy sedgwick, jason henning, mark richards, jeff coleman, steve and sandra hogue, joanne depew, mike yaconelli, doug fields, paul and charlotte wilson, michael vonderhaar, janice dean, cindy sanchez, janine smithies, nan henke, chris taylor, curt mueller, tj and susan burkholder, doug and kristin burford, frank and denise garibay, justin and kim wolff, david and camey fowler, mike and diana kelley, the rosas family, danielle scott, luis arizpe, lene ballard, john condit, chris vonderhaar, john gilmore, olivia sanchez, katherine mateo. through it all has been the consistent and unconditional love, support and encouragement of my wife since 1987, jennifer, and my kids, ruben and elena.

don't know what life would look like without these people having been a part of it, but i'm sure glad they have been and are.