Tuesday, April 26, 2005

frustrations, part 1

i have to admit to being more than a little frustrated with our friends from the democratic party who are, frankly, acting like children regarding president bush's judicial nominees.

does anyone really believe that the democrats are acting on principle? their actions are so incredibly transparent, i can't believe they actually want us to believe that they are sincere in their statements about trying to uphold checks and balances. all they're doing is using the tool of the filibuster to try and wield the power they have overwhelmingly lost.

i was reading an article in last sunday's paper that laid out the qualifications of all of the appointees. each one, immensely qualified and some highly regarded by the aba. the only real issue is that they are conservative judges who interpret law, rather than legislating from the bench. i absolutely guarantee that if these judges were liberals, they would sail right through.

even the l.a. times today has a headline in the op ed section: NUKE THE FILIBUSTER!

come on, dems, you want to serve your constituents? then get over the fact that you lost last november and let's give these men and women the vote they deserve.