Sunday, April 03, 2005

in it for the long haul

went to the core yesterday with a couple of my volunteers. i had taken a few to the one in san antonio a few weeks ago and wanted to give those who didn't get to go then a chance to go this time. one of my big takeaways was how much i love what i do.

everytime i go to the national youthworkers convention i inevitably run into someone who has been a youth pastor for 30 years. those guys are my heroes. i don't want to be a senior pastor, i don't want to move on to something "bigger and better" (that's because there isn't anything better than youth ministry!). i don't even want to retire to do what i really love to do. i'm doing what i love to do and pray that i'll be serving students when i'm old and gray.

this is the life.

more to come...