Wednesday, April 13, 2005

a little yeast can screw up the whole loaf!

why do some who claim to follow Christ seem to be so unaware of the nature of the early Church and seem hell-bent on spending the better part of life on some kind of "witch hunt" under the guise of protecting the Church?

today i was reading an entry on the website of an organization whose stated purpose is to "warn of unbiblical teachings and practices impacting the Church." they've taken a Bible verse out of context and built an entire organization around it. here's the thing, though...

if you're spending all of your time sniffing out what's wrong with the Church -- and believe me, there's plenty there -- when do you have time to see all of the awesome things that are RIGHT with the Church?

if Jesus REALLY meant that this was all as simple as loving God and loving people, then why can't we just do that?

i've just seen God at work in too many of the places and people that our modern-day pharisees want to find fault with. what's even more frustrating is that i consider myself to be a fairly discerning person and have had first-hand contact with many of the things that this organization wants to demonize and have found NONE of the things that they point out. it's as though they're moving in completely different circles from me.

it's funny that the people we read of Jesus getting really ticked off at in Scripture are the people who acted much like some who claim to follow Christ today: always finding fault, looking for fault and error 24/7, looking for ways to catch others in some trap. the parallels are amazing.

don't get me wrong. we SHOULD keep our guard up. but, it should be against those who would seek to attack the true movement of God for the sake of what amounts to nothing more than a modern-day witch hunt.

love God, love people...yep, that'll preach!