Thursday, April 14, 2005

whatever you do to the least of these...

interesting and awesome night with our students last night. i'm in the middle of a teaching series, "jesus at the movies," whereby i take a look at some popular films and point out moments of Truth portrayed in and through them.

last night we were going to take a look at ladder 49, but i felt as though God had something else in mind.

over the last several weeks i've heard of instances of some of our students treating one another really badly -- particularly those who are seen as outcasts, not "cool" enough. this began to trouble me, not because of the reputation of our church or our youth ministry or even me. my primary concern had to do with the reputation of Christ in our community. did we really want those who are made to feel marginalized and outcast to believe that it is normal for followers of Christ to treat them badly?

so, in a moment that was truly Spirit-led, i put aside my plans for the night and taught out of matthew 25.31-46 (i recommend reading it in the message). after reading about jesus' teaching on what we do to the "least" among us, i gave the students an opportunity to pray, that God would reveal to them those times when they have not been attentive to the "least" among them. what happened was incredible. there was such a fresh move of God's Spirit, unlike i have seen in quite some time.

we ended the evening with a powerful time of worship beginning with matt redman's heart of worship.

how awesome it was to get out of the way and allow the Spirit to dictate what needed to be communicated. as the service began last night, i truly had little idea of exactly what i was going to say. i simply told God that i would start moving my mouth if He would do the talking. He directed me to passages of Scripture, gave me the words to speak and it was so liberating.

who knows what long-term effects this will have. i told the kids last night that every now and then we need to do a spiritual "house cleaning" because we let things clutter our souls. maybe we'll do it again down the road. who knows...