Monday, September 19, 2005

sunday morning

the church where i serve as youth pastor allowed us to lead yesterday's sunday morning service. most of the service was taken up by the music we do. today it struck me as to why i was so energized by yesterday morning.

i don't know if i'm a musician or not. that's not really what is the critical issue for me. all i do know is that i've been given an ability to strum a guitar and sing with a decent voice. when we, as a band, take the stage, we have one purpose in mind: to make a big deal about God. we don't care about ourselves, but we do care that we hold up this gigantic magnifying glass to God and let people get a good look at Him.

it seems that as we do that, people turn away from self and start to look outward. as they begin to be struck by the presence of an awesome God, they begin to notice what is around them and how they can serve those around them.

funny how that works out.