Monday, October 24, 2005

Church is burning

on the most recent david crowder cd, "collision," there is written inside the following statement:

"this recording and artwork are protected by copyright law. using internet services to distribute copyrighted music, giving away illegal copies of discs or lending discs to others for them to copy is illegal and does not support those involved in making this piece of music, especially the artist. by carrying out any of these actions it has the same effect as stealing music."

on worship leader charlie hall's latest cd "on the road to beautiful" he more directly states, about burning cd's:

"it's hurting the artists who created the music. it has the same effect as stealing a disc from a store without paying for it."

bottom line, guys, burning cd's is wrong, not just because it's against the law, which scripture has a few things to say about, but also because it's unethical.

we can discuss the philosophical aspects of this matter all day long, but at the end of the day, burning cd's is still illegal and something, as louie giglio rightly points out, christians should be the first to refrain from.

to refer to louie giglio again, he believes that this is one of the more visible issues where followers of Christ forfeit their witness to the watching world. i agree. maybe we can be among the first to set an example, rather than give in to rationalization.

let's not forget guys, that this is how these guys make their living. i have seen many Christian artists give their music away. we must remember, however, that, like any other field of work, it's up to the creator of the product to perform their work gratis, not the consumer. would any of you who work or create a service of some sort be willing to allow the consumers of your services to decide whether or not they wanted to pay you?

i'll close with these words from james 4.17:

"Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it."