Thursday, October 06, 2005

growing up

i was taking my kids to school yesterday and had a interesting conversation with my 10 year old son. he said that he was bothered because his friends at school saw him as the “best behaved” boy they know. he went on to tell me that they always want to do what he does because they know he’s such a good guy. he told me that he just wanted them to see him as normal.

i sat there listening to him, wondering when he started to be so “self-aware.” of course, this is one of those parenting moments that i’m sure will come more frequently in the years ahead.

i started out telling him that having a good reputation is the most awesome thing someone can have because no one can take it away from you. continuing, i told him that having other kids want to be where he is could be a sign of being a leader and that he should embrace that.

of course, i couldn’t resist telling him that being a well-behaved boy really is the norm and that he should embrace that!

ah, to be a child again. i was talking with my friend john last night and we recalled those days of our lives when innocence permeated our souls. with the realization of his reputation comes the possibility of seeing other options. yikes! what do i do when he starts to realize that having a good or bad reputation is really up to him? i guess i’ll have to see. one thing is for sure…it won’t be boring.