Tuesday, November 15, 2005

flight of the bumblebee

i'm sitting here counting the days until i go to my very favorite place, walt disney world.

now, for me, it's not just about entertainment. it's much more than that. walt disney is a personal hero of mine. his ability to bring out the best creative talents in the people around him is unmatched.

one time, long after he established himself as a creative icon, a little boy asked disney if he drew mickey mouse. he replied in the negative. then the child asked if he made all the movies. "no," was the reply. the little boy then asked him what exactly he did do.

disney replied that he was like a bee that went around pollinating creativity among the people around him.

i like that.

my hope is that my legacy will be that i inspired the best in the people around me. as a pastor, my greatest accolade that those with whom my life intersects will be moved toward a deeper passion for Christ.

time will tell...